Solution means solving a problem or dealing with a difficult situation. This reality of Architecture  is something that we navigate for our Clients.  Every project requires a well conceived solution that exceeds the expectations of the Client and does not reveal the complexity of the process. The Client experience should be one of simplicity and confidence. We find collaborative, creative and competent solutions to achieve this core tenant of our philosophy.

Architectural form can fully accommodate function if a competent solution is derived during the collaborative and creative stages of the project. Competence comes from real world construction experience. We have spent years in the field honing the reality of our craft. We do not design pretty things that fail to meet programmatic needs, life cycle cost and that are expensive to build. Buildings should stand the test of time and not be dated dysfunctional sculpture.

We start every project with a blank canvas. We have no preconceived design style or cookie cutter kit of parts. A creative approach driven by the goals of the Client will always yield a unique design solution. The reason behind this is that the built form will reflect those specific project goals and not the ambition of the Architect. We pride ourselves on providing creative project solutions that meet all program, design and cost parameters the first time due in large part to the importance we place on collaboration. 




Technology is at the core of our profession, but this does not replace one on one collaboration with our clients. We value client meetings that lead to detailed discussions that outline project specific goals. This collaboration is the bedrock that every MKE project is built upon. We value finding effective ways to communicate with our Clients to ensure that their design ideas and expectations are realized at the successful completion of the project.​​

Architecture should respond to the needs of the Client and project type. No two projects are ever alike. Careful consideration and thoughtfulness should go into to establishing the most efficient process available to deliver results.  This is why our approach is fluid and responds to the  project parameters outlined by our Clients. The core tenants that we utilize to establish each project specific approach are explained in greater detail below.